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Beach, please

IMG_20190607_044217119.jpgOdessa is the destination I recommend to all of you. It is in the south of Ukraine at the sea side. The city is nice and homey, live music and street food is everywhere, it’s green and welcoming.  We discovered some hidden beaches out there which was a treat, an unexpected gift. In the past we visited Odessa and did all kind of things here including shopping and sightseeing. But this time we started chatting with locals to find out even more places to go and things to see. Obviously, over  the last five years things have changed for the better but it is still a world war two city for sure.

The sea is stormy, at night it looks like champagne and sounds like a song you remember from your childhood.


If you don’t like the idea of a hotel Airbnb is a viable option. Try to stay centrally located to be able to walk places. Taxi services and Uber are available round the clock. Locals love tourists, in most situations they would be ready to help you out. Although all kind of schemes are prepared for those who obliviously squanders money right and left. Once you made it here be aware that other people travel to the Black Sea to make some easy money.


Water sports and activities are at your disposal, great views and inspiration can be easily found here May through September. Speaking a bit of Russian would be a huge benefit, so learn your 200 words and bring your phrase book for the easiest fun time in Odessa.


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HavanaWhere do you want to travel next? My dream destination is Havana, Cuba. I’m following Cuban bloggers and daydreaming to go one day and make it true. Last year I visited a photo exhibit devoted to Cuba but even before that I watched the movie Havana, I love you, which hooked me on all this magic stuff about the country of Che Guevara. I have to say I was born in Soviet Union and for me going to Cuba is a real time travel. Right now I am reading a book called The Other Side of Paradise: Life in the New Cuba by Julia Cooke. It’s quite entertaining and informative. This kind of stories are fun to read as an insight into something strange and mysterious.

Cuba is a great inspiration for artists of all sorts. Teachers can go there freely I have heard. Have you been to Cuba? Feel free to give me any advice you find useful before going there. I have to get ready for the best experience ever.

Havana, I love you!

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What are you searching for?


I am looking for some recommendations for good books, my teen students need variety and quality combined, they also don’t handle big volumes very well. I’m always searching for new books in thrift stores, free libraries and online resources. Please, share your precious ideas to help me make summer school enjoyable, it sounds like an oxymoron, you got it. But on the other  hand, I was quite successful finding things they enjoy. It takes a bit of time and effort but the results are right there for me. I would say that about 80% of my kids read because they really want to.

And what you are searching for? What gives you endless inspiration?  Maybe together we will be able to find the answers and make the process more fun, who knows…

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IMG_20190521_083109112.jpgSnow for graduation seems a bit untimely, right? Especially when you are sick and ready for a long time off. It’s a good metaphor for life, too unpredictable to be expecting any kind of stability. I’m grateful to all the bloggers that keep me in the loop of things and still encouraging to continue. It’s really needed in this day and age, having a support and perspective is vital for creative people. Irrational decisions and wrong conclusions are too easy to make at the spur of the moment. Looking back and analyzing stuff takes stamina and perseverance. Patience is also a rare thing that all of us need to learn, or maybe it’s just me?

Last year had a lot of life lessons for me personally, it was both rewarding and challenging at the same time. I learned mostly that I still have to learn daily, weekly and monthly. What a school of life this world is! I wish I could graduate sooner but if feels like repeating a year or two. Just like my students…

The water passes by for good  and fleeting reality of mood sometimes makes feel that we are alone and nothing worthy is going on …

I want to remember it in full and can’t seem to do it, which is unfortunate. I wrote it many years ago and not sure if it’s written down or not. I wish I could write poetry as I used to, I want to enter the same river twice and it’s not happening. Which is not all bad, I have to say. Have to reinstall the creative mode and find enthusiasm to move on…


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Summer reading is about to begin. What are you reading these days? I’m going through American lit classics including modern writers such as Gloria Whelan and Patricia McCormick. I recently discovered the book Speak by L. Anderson. All of them are young adult editions, this is what I need to know for my job. But personally I prefer books on philosophy, psychology, and therapy. I am looking for recommendations if you have anything specific on your mind. The book world is so big and diverse that it’s always helpful to learn about new publishings or old overlooked items. This spring is so cold and rainy that all I can think of is staying at home with a cup of tea and a good book. It is an easy way to travel too. Imagination is probably the greatest gift for us, humans. And I know it helps us survive more than anything else. Writing is one of those creative outlets we use to stay alive. What do you like to write about? Is it a passion of yours or just a pastime? I was always curious about things that inspire others to write, or the most productive times of the day or week. Inspiration is hard to define, sometimes it’s so elusive and unpredictable. I wish I knew the magic formula…

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May day

After so many days of rain and snow we finally got a fair weather. In the middle of May all I can think of is summer break. Let me tell you my biggest news: I got the tickets home. This time we will do the seaside and the capital – it’s the best of the country, Kiev and Odessa. Late spring – early summer is the best time to go, if you like to be outside and experience all kind of urban hikes. Kiev is the place to have fun. Locals love tourists and the cost of living is really low. A lot of free entertainment is offered here and there, it’s not as big and overwhelming as Paris, but it is a movable feast, for me at least.

Food options are great, tickets for concerts and shows are very affordable, public transport is multiple and taxi services are super cheap. When I get there I’ll probably take a tram to Pushcha Voditsa to be in the nature. Park Golosiivo is also a great place to go if you are tired of a busy city life.

Famous old churches are within walking distance of the main square, Maidan Nezalezhnosli. Lavra is the monastery where many of the visitors go for the museums and cultural experience, in order to get there you need to take subway and then walk for about 20 minutes, but it’s totally worth it. A beautiful panorama of the city and another monument is there for you.

Park Slavy, the second wold war memorial, is a must see walking treat. Rodina Mat’ is the local statue of liberty situated in the center of this famous place. There’s a little museum in it’s foundation.

Odessa is another world war two city with lots of history, unique culture and а great vibe. The Black Sea and a great variety of entertainment are there for the rich and poor. The famous Odessa catacombs are the tunnels underground that can offer a great insight into the past. Free music shows and sea vistas are all around the place. I believe, you can camp there as well if you want. It could also be a great place for shopping and photoshoot.

I miss my country so much despite living in the best country of the world, this is what most of my friends believe anyway. And I kind of enjoy being an exotic foreigner with a strange accent but going home feels so much better. It’s like discovering your true self by flying east for only 20 hours. You should try it!

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Art Show

IMG_20180911_152431908Next week I’m putting up my students art show, I’m feeling so proud. It’s the first one ever for me. I can’t wait to see the parents’ reaction and hear their feedback.

I mostly work with teenagers 12 – 19, a lot of them are already great artists as they are. They grow so fast, I can’t believe they will become adults tomorrow. It’s fascinating to watch them turning into beautiful individuals.


They make great choices and achieve their goals, I am so happy it’s happening right in front of my eyes. It’s partially due to me they are maturing and learning things they need to succeed in life. What a little miracle it is!

Looking back I realize that it’s not enough to be a good teacher, you should always try to be a good student. I’m still working on that, hoping to succeed one day. In the school of life there are lessons for us to learn, but often times we are too lazy or whatever. In the long run it bites us in the butt, right? I wish I was better at that.


My dream is to have an art show that will make people go wow, that’s incredible! In addition, I want them to get the message that nothing is impossible if they are willing to put the time and effort. Our potential is so much bigger than we think or know about. And, yes, it does help to believe in miracles and magic, it’s a part of the  learning curve. To to take first step you have to have faith and optimism, don’t you think? And maybe try again, and again until you get there.IMG_20190411_152340427.jpg