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If you want to change your life for the better you have to say no to the old crap or just take a break. This is why I love throwing things away. This ritual makes space for good stuff at least in my mind.

After working for a year I decided I needed a break. Fortunately my sister announced she was getting married to everyone including her fiancee. All of us were surprised as it was a pretty short notice. Anyway, I got the tickets and took it as an excuse to leave the country for a while, first time in my life traveling abroad alone. It was much better than working my pizza job, I was excited to do something else.

‘Coming home’ was weird, feeling foreign in my own country. The awesome thing was feeling ridiculously rich buying all kind of stuff and tipping everyone. Taste of freedom…

The wedding was nice and small, it rained heavily a week before and a week after as it was early October. The bride was stoked, everything else doesn’t count. I spent 2 weeks there and came back full of beans ready for something better.

We all need a break at some point taking time to think about things that matter and throw useless stuff away.


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