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Saying no to your old job is tough when you are not sure the new one will be better. But how much longer can you put up with that crap?

In my case saying no was hard because it was the first job with benefits. But you know what when your supervisor is trying to invade your privacy in the bathroom, this should be it. I was so astonished that it happened to me I did not know what to do. It was Friday and I didn’t feel all that hot as my nose was bleeding and I had period. I took a couple of hours to think things over and shoot her an email with two weeks’ notice. Yes, it was her and she was trying to punish me for hiding in the bathroom instead of answering the phone. Well, I worked all kind of crappy jobs but never experienced such an attitude. In my pizza place I used to deal with Arabic guys and white Americans covered in tattoos smoking weed at work but they were never rude to me. Is it because they were all men? While in hospital the team  was exclusively female. I am not a sexist but this is the conclusion I came to. I do prefer to work with guys, they will punch you in the face but never stab you in the back really. I want to thank all the men I ever worked with, you guys rock.


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