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Finding a job of your dream is not easy but you have to try. If you think about it on average we spend a third of our lives at work, let alone those guys who easily spend a half. For an obvious reason most of them hate it so much they can’t express, at this point I usually ask myself, Do I want to be one of them?

So far my job search wasn’t as successful as I wanted it to be but I have learned a lot while doing it. I asked many people for advice and some of them suggested I should lie. I don’t think it’s really effective since one has to remember all the lies they ever said or wrote. I have pretty good memory I have to admit but nothing like remembering every single story I ever made up to keep a conversation going.

So lying does not really work for me. But you can argue saying, it’s just a make-believe, not even that but a slight exaggeration or understatement.  You can go with that as long as you are comfortable. We all approach things differently and it’s fine.

I am pretty optimistic about it all though, I know there is someone wanting to hire a qualified and honest person who is also an immigrant willing to make it work no matter what.


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