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Twin Cities


In winter Minneapolis is cold and windy but feels really nice, Minnesota ice is everywhere pure and white. The city is planned with such precision, you can’t believe it, downtown is glam and glitzy. European influence is obvious when you dive into architecture, fashion and taste. They say it’s multinational and I can tell it should be really appealing to many. Rivers and lakes make it even better especially in summer, I bet you can easily find the place to hike there. Otherwise, parks and gardens in the twin cities will come in handy to cool and shade a tired tourist.

Busy streets and skyways make it the city of the future, at least you hope to come back one day to love it even more. Maybe in warm season when not only it’s beautiful but also walkable. Can you imagine trying to wander every single street and enjoy being a part of the promising city life? Might be a bit scary at night but still fun. Music scene has a lot to offer, culture and art are there to suit any taste. Dine in every single café you liked and peek into majestic churches and cathedrals just for a second. You might discover a new world! 

My dream is to visit more American icons like Chicago and LA. Will they be all the same or not? Stunning architecture, fancy shops, beautiful people… You probably have to stay for a week or two to really feel the atmosphere. Seattle is another place I want to visit one day, I wish we had this kind of freedom… travel always brings the sense of adventure, it’s like a gust of wind in the face that brings you back to life. You look around with your eyes wide open and never stop wondering…

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Magic Tea

When you want to have a private conversation with someone just invite them for a cup of tea. It is always a pleasure to chat with an old or a new friend while drinking something as delicious as green, black, white or herbal tea.

I have been wanting to order a tea ceremony for a long time now since I really dreamed of something authentic. You know what, it is coming in May next year fingers crossed, or should I use legs crossed instead?

In my family tea drinking is like a religion, food for your soul. We are really serious about having it at least 5 times a day in spite of the season. The reason for it is to get enough caffeine in your body to keep it going. Or maybe having enough meaningful talks with each other to feel loved and appreciated?

Tea drinking is especially good in cold weather. Some people add sugar or honey into it. Some like it really hot with lemon but one thing they all have in common is that time stops when you indulge yourself in a cup of tea. Say, you are having a bad day at work or the weather is bringing you down, or you name it. After having just one cup of a good tea the world around you gets better. No you don’t have to add vodka into it but some people do so.

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August 24 is Independence Day in Ukraine. It’s a big deal for Ukrainians since latest events have not been the greatest. Lots of people immigrated different places still dreaming to come back one day. Who knows maybe in the future things will be back to normal? Keep praying and hoping for the better.

If you ever want to travel somewhere nice and cheap go visit Ukraine. I miss it terribly! Kyiv is the best city I have ever lived, for me it’s the place where miracles happen and history is still alive. Explore and you will be surprised how much more there is to discover…

This country has a lot of problems and stuff but it feels real with four seasons, good and bad smells, street markets and all the pleasures of public transport. People are so direct, sometimes you wish they weren’t that way and women are so beautiful that it’s hard to keep up to par. Population is mostly poor, there is no middle class but it doesn’t seem that way.

Ukrainians love foreigners thinking that all of them are milliners. Foreign culture is considered to be better, a lot of loan words are used just because it’s cool. Traditional food is great, hospitality depends on the money paid and part of the country you are in. If you want to see the contrast go to Lviv where people speak Ukrainian and Odessa which is mostly Russian, fantastic tourist destinations with tons of things to enjoy. I wish I was there to be your guide…