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The City of the Future


Denver is a city of the future or the past, I am not really sure. It has some absolutely mysterious places like Cheesman Park or Brown Palace. Also the longest and evilest street in the US, i.e. Colfax, is right here for you. Check it out when the main construction projects are over and you can actually enjoy your visit, haha.IMG_20171204_185127_308

Colorado is a great place to travel any time and not just because everyone talks about it. It has a lot to offer for hikers, climbers, skiers and all kind of thrill seekers. The city of Denver and the state of Colorado can and will be immensely enjoyable if you are informed and prepared well. Here is a list of things to consider before visiting.

  1. Plan to stay an extra day or two before you climb the fourteeners. Time to acclimate will make your trip 10 times better.
  2. Experience the local music and art scene. Dazzle, Nocturne and Mercury cafe are great for jazz, blues and more. Denver Art Museum and Kirkland Museum of Decorative Art are definitely worth your time.
  3. Check out local breweries like Coors, Prost and Tivoli. There are 95 more names I can’t remember, but I am sure you will find something to your taste.
  4. Eat. Places to eat are so multiple and diverse, I am easily lost. Mexican food is delicious and authentic here, try local cafes and enjoy the vibe. My favorites are: Viet’s, Wokano’s, Pho Haus ($), Pete’s Kitchen, Irish Rover, La Cour Bistro and Parisi ($$).
  5. Walk. 16 Street Mall is a major attraction for tourists who love shopping, rooftop bars, cabaret, ballet and movies to catch the spirit of the city.
  6. Celebrate. Summer time is full of festivals and all kind of fun events, check out the calendar to choose something to suit your taste at Denver.org/events.
  7. Hike. Red Rocks, Lookout Mountain and Garden of the Gods will be easy nearby nature spots to enjoy. If you are willing to spend some time driving Mount Evans and Pike’s Peak are two car accessible fourteeners, check out the weather before you go.
  8. Drink lots of water. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Bring comfortable shoes / clothes.


For transportation you can ride a bike, walk, get an Uber or try RTD for some destinations. Rent a car to explore Colorado on your own or take a train to Granby which is one of the train accessible destinations. Denver is a city of the future, soon it might turn into a fairy tale and I believe it will.






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The Fog City

sf 1

Last summer we were in San Francisco twice and I can complain about the laws of my embassy which was the reason of the trip, but not gonna lie, it was worth it!

The city is huge and so diverse, you almost feel like you are visiting at least three different places for the price of one. It’s an awesome destination for visual artists and designers in search of inspiration, students and business people looking for new opportunities, foreigners and locals chasing exotic experiences to die for.


  1. Chinatown is one of the seven wonders to see, taste, smell and try. Don’t rush through it, be ready for adventure and lot’s of fun here. Have at least 2 hours to waste and trust me they will not be wasted.
  2. Pier 39 famous for its fat and shiny dwellers is always crowded and free. Enjoy the sea lions and be ready for tons of folks that come and go during the performance.
  3. Ride a cable car to feel the vibe of public unity in a big city. Lots of people will try to share it with you but it’s unique and fun, I have heard.
  4. Alcatratz is one of the biggest attractions because everyone wants to see the prison and imagine how they would escape from it, haha. This one needs to be booked in advance.
  5. The Palace of Arts is a huge architectural achievement built to inspire photo artists, lazy tourists and stray lovers. Walk there before the sunset to get the most out of it.
  6. Climb the Telegraph Hill chasing the elusive pack of parrots, we didn’t get to see them but you might be luckier. Stunning panorama is guaranteed.
  7. Golden Gate Park is something not to miss, wear comfortable shoes and an extra coat, you never know how long you would wanna stay there. Japanese Tea Garden is a part of it which is not free but well worth your time.


Transportation is multiple, you can rent a bike, take a bus or get an Uber. To stay somewhere nice and cheap try Air B&B. Be prepared for windy and rainy weather, bring warm clothes because it’s never too hot in San Francisco. Check out Trader Joe’s for snacks and drinks, they offer good price for the value. Explore the city on foot to find something by chance!

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August 24 is Independence Day in Ukraine. It’s a big deal for Ukrainians since latest events have not been the greatest. Lots of people immigrated different places still dreaming to come back one day. Who knows maybe in the future things will be back to normal? Keep praying and hoping for the better.

If you ever want to travel somewhere nice and cheap go visit Ukraine. I miss it terribly! Kyiv is the best city I have ever lived, for me it’s the place where miracles happen and history is still alive. Explore and you will be surprised how much more there is to discover…

This country has a lot of problems and stuff but it feels real with four seasons, good and bad smells, street markets and all the pleasures of public transport. People are so direct, sometimes you wish they weren’t that way and women are so beautiful that it’s hard to keep up to par. Population is mostly poor, there is no middle class but it doesn’t seem that way.

Ukrainians love foreigners thinking that all of them are milliners. Foreign culture is considered to be better, a lot of loan words are used just because it’s cool. Traditional food is great, hospitality depends on the money paid and part of the country you are in. If you want to see the contrast go to Lviv where people speak Ukrainian and Odessa which is mostly Russian, fantastic tourist destinations with tons of things to enjoy. I wish I was there to be your guide…


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How to cope

Yesterday at one of my art classes somebody asked me how to cope with depression. I looked at them going How did you know? Back in the days of college, oh my… I was so excited they asked me, so happy to help and so glad I am not there any more.

Just in case you were wondering how to cope with depression

  1. Eat. Seriously eat something real, not just doughnuts and ice-cream.
  2. Go outside, get some vitamin D while the sun is still shining. No gadgets, please.
  3. Ask for help. Don’t just suffer in silence. It can be a friend or a stranger, up to you.
  4. Engage yourself in art of drawing, cooking, singing, dancing or knitting.
  5. Find a Meetup group for something you always wanted to do but never got a chance to actually try.
  6. Write a letter or card to somebody who deserves it, an old friend or relative.
  7. Go to public library or city park to people/dog watch. It can be real fun!

Happiness is inside us but we do need contact with others to be our better selves.

I wish you the best of luck in your daily battles!

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Skills so much needed

When you start every day wondering what skill you will have to learn today it doesn’t sound like a dream job but maybe this is what it is. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is not a walk in the park and definitely not a piece of cake for all I know.  While the school is almost over and the freedom that summer brings is so near you keep asking yourself Am I ever going to graduate? School of life is a bit tricky, it makes you learn a new lesson when you feel that you are done, finished and ready to face the challenges.

So much to live, so much to learn. Isn’t it frustrating and inspiring at the same time? Ambiguity of this question brings us closer to philosophers and thinkers that devoted so much time to discover the truth trying answer all the Why – questions.

What skills do you have to survive or what skills do you think you have? Recently I learned that my arsenal is not big enough, it’s a steep learning curve for sure but the good news is it’s never too late to learn.