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St Mary’s glacier is a little treasure of Colorado, we discovered it yesterday. The weather was fair so we could do it no problem, previously trying to get there we got rained and hailed. IMG_20180630_135658121.jpg

When snow melts down the lake becomes deeper and deeper. Some folks skid yesterday, it was such a brave decision but they clearly had lots of fun.IMG_20180630_142024239

While up there we heard so many different languages spoken. Hikers dragged their dogs and kids up there, some of them liked it, some weren’t as excited as they could have been. IMG_20180630_142431575.jpg

I loved the unique ecosystem that mountains created, the trees and bushes are thriving and the air is nice and humid. IMG_20180630_142425237.jpg

Clouds started to gather above our heads and we hurried down before the storm arrived. Lucky this time we made it home safe and dry.

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I met him last year at a big celebration. The magnetic personality of this man still keeps me enchanted for some inexplicable reason. We only spent 5 hours or so together but it felt like we never were apart. The moment I entered the room I saw nobody but him. Miguel is a man of a big heart, he gives you so much love and adoration you maybe saw in the movies and always wondered if it could be real. His undivided attention makes you wonder if it is for real or you are just daydreaming. I miss this guy so much… Last night I couldn’t sleep remembering his big smile and generous hugs to all people around us. Miguel never spoke a word that anyone could understand. Being fully bilingual, he does not speak much, he does not need to. This toothless six-year-old captivated my heart for forever: I don’t usually work with elementary kids but that Friday was an exception. I took a one day assignment to sub for a special education teacher and it turned out to be a celebration of Latino culture at that particular school. All grades went to a big pavilion to see some music and dance, we did some crafts later and finally there was a banquet with lots of food outside. It was so surreal all day long, Miguel and I were there to enjoy the vibe and celebrate life that can be so unpredictably beautiful.

I never came back to that school because you can’t enter the same river twice. I want to let the magic last forever, at least in my fantasies.

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IMG_20180427_125311206Kirkland Museum of Art is a house of Vance Kirkland with his personal collection of fine art and design items. His great taste and obsession with things haute couture of the time resulted in a treasury for designers, artists and thrill seekers visiting Denver, Colorado.

IMG_20180427_123009990The new building of the museum is spacious and well-curated, there is only 20% of all his collection on display. Hugh Grant is the heir and the director, in the past he was one of Vance’s art students who became his close friend eventually. Hugh keeps buying things to preserve the property for future generations and make it bigger and better. 

IMG_20180427_121135977_LLFine art by other artists is there as well as Kirkland’s works decorating the walls. You can peek into his studio and imagine him flying over the canvas creating those big pieces. Dot painting is something he invented while experimenting with all kind of styles. The bright color scheme and vibrant mood of his work makes you want to live and let live.

IMG_20180427_143448_986The downside of the place is that you can’t really seat on the dozens of chairs and sofas in Vance’s house and they all look so inviting. Also children under 13 are not allowed in the museum. Kirkland never had kids, you know, maybe this is why we have it open for public use today.

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Last Saturday we visited a town of Frisco, Colorado, how could we have lived here so long and never heard of it before? We both loved it so much that decided to bring family over some time soon. The reason we got there in the first place was a sleigh ride we booked via Internet which was the cheapest option available, ha-ha. It was really fun, we had mules for horses and a country singer performing in the hot chocolate break. The company we shared a ride with was families with kids mostly, it was absolutely adorable.


Arriving 3 hours early was a good idea since the town has a little open air museum and a lot of stores and places to eat. We did the Schoolhouse first, it is the main building in the village. The museum is free, by the way. Inspired by this good news we ate at The Lost Cajun, yum-yum, food and service were excellent, besides you can try samples before you order. Upon leaving this inexpensive and super authentic place we wandered around noticing there is more to see in the historical part. So we came back to check out the first church, hunters’ cabin and barber’s which was absolutely stunning. This is where we learned that the town was founded by a Swedish immigrant who came to get rich during the gold rush, a time of dreamers and thrill seekers.


This tiny tourist destination was not packed with folks despite the sunny weekend in the middle of the spring break. I loved to see dogs here and there, they only made it better. Walking up and down narrow streets was a nice way of finding great views. Parking was not a problem and the whole place felt like home.




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Gifts and reflections


Last weekend I had a great time hanging out with my best friend, I think this is what you have to do on your 35th birthday. We were out and about: brunch with jazz and a little hike in park around the lake. The day was sunny and windy, I am so glad my mom decided to have me in March.



International women’s day with first flowers and lots of optimism about the coming summer is always such a pleasure after a long winter cold. And yes, spring break is a wonderful gift for a teacher. Gifts are something you don’t expect anymore but really appreciate when they magically show up. I personally prefer giving to receiving presents because most of the time I make them myself. It’s this rare occasion when my creativity meets a real need, at least I want to believe that.


It has become popular to give experiences like a massage or workshop in the art studio, I feel like it’s a great thing to do if you know another person’s tastes really well. I can still remember those unique birthdays gifts from years ago. Good memories can last forever, sometimes it seems like they make us who we are. They are the story behind the humble cover.


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South Park

There is a place in Colorado called South Park, I happened to be invited there over the weekend last December. My friends own a house with a fireplace in Fairplay. I know it sounds like too good to be true but who can complain when wonderful things happen out of the blue?

The nature there is something really unique, not only for skiers and snowboarders but also for hikers like me. The sound of silence is something we all miss living in a big city.


The snow was beautifully scattered here and there, it wasn’t cold at all so we could enjoy the fresh air and magnificent views. The walk wasn’t either hard or long, perfect weather for an easy weekend hike. The rule of thumb for this one is never leave your phone at home so you could take all those pictures you never thought about.


The little cabin in the mountains is something I always wanted to enjoy in the middle of winter. And it happened before I died, haha. Inspired by the peace and quiet we made some art and did yoga like never before. This style in painting is something I only did once and surprisingly it turned out not bad.


Sunny Sunday morning and a bit of snow in the middle of nowhere is the recipe for happiness here and now. Or maybe there and then…

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Do not fear

These days some of us live in fear that something terrible is about to happen any moment, I kind of feel this way myself working at a high school and dealing with teens on a regular basis. I don’t want to leave my job because I actually like it. The environment is what impacts us but let’s not forget that we all contribute to it this way or another.IMG_20180225_100307302.jpg

Growing up I was a really brave little soul, so why is it changing with time? Maybe we should be like young kids completely oblivious of all the evils happening around us… Not very mature approach to facing reality but possibly helpful, what do you think? Gurus teach us that mindfulness is something we should practice to cope with fear and anxiety. Some of us are really successful in this but not me, I have to say. Doing breathing exercises helps me relax along with coloring and blogging. IMG_20180224_202223046.jpg

Often I have to remind myself: Do not worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will take care about itself.  But how do you guys make it work? I try to bring a bit of sunshine every morning I show up at work. I try to create a non-confrontational atmosphere in the workplace. I try to actively listen to others, it usually helps them feel better.

I am sure that some of you know a lot more having years and years of experience. Feel free to share your tips in comments.