Living the dream

When I turned 30 I realized that if I don’t live my life to the fullest no one else will do it for me. It’s so liberating to know that there is nothing to lose, literally NOTHING.

It’s never too late to start I heard how many times? I took up painting since my dream is to do art therapy sessions for teens and adults. So far I have been teaching art for three years and having a blast every time it happens. Recently I started blogging as I really want to help others overcome all kind of obstacles. It also helps me get organized and find motivation.

Right now I am putting together a book about Ukrainian folk art. It’s going to be published in two languages, English and Ukrainian. It’s quite a challenge as I have never done this before. But you know what I tell my students? Three hundred thousand hours and it’s done.

Another thing I want to do is help kids with autism. It sounds like a big goal and I love it. For this I need proper training and it’s provided as soon as I get the job. Applications sent, extensive reading is done, it will only take three hundred thousand hours to get there.