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A Moveable Feast


The city icon is right here for you, golden hour sun rays, pre thanksgiving fuss, great promises of a big city life, don’t you love Minneapolis? Beautiful views and relaxed atmosphere of the Walker Art Center park has something for any age or taste, it is highly recommended for architects, designers and modern artists. Sunset hour is the best suited time for a photoshoot, exploring the downtown and finding a cosy nook for you to rest after a long stroll.


The city was mostly founded by German and Swedish immigrants, features beautiful cathedrals and churches. It feel really European, I mean it feels like home. Cold season is probably not the best to visit but still…


Minnehaha falls, lake Minnetonka, St Paul’s cathedral and Como conservatory are not to be missed while here. Mia and Walker would also be a nice thing to do for creative and curious tourists looking for fun and inspirational experience. Still looking for more options? Feel free to check this out

Enjoy your visit!


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Tattoo art

IMG_20170801_160356670Yesterday I got an unexpected request to design a tattoo for a girl I met. It was actually just three words in Russian for me to paint. I never knew this kind of job could be profitable, I wish I had more people asking for things like this. IMG_20180922_114015387

In my experience it’s the third one I made, do you know any other ways to find customers looking for original designs? I tried social media but probably not serious enough. Anyway, it’s really fun to create images that people love so much, they want to put them on their body permanently. I haven’t seen anything that exciting yet, I mean I have no tattoos of my own. This kind of art is very popular these days and I would love to learn more about artists and those who feel the need for art on their skin.cropped-thistle

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IMG_20180427_125311206Kirkland Museum of Art is a house of Vance Kirkland with his personal collection of fine art and design items. His great taste and obsession with things haute couture of the time resulted in a treasury for designers, artists and thrill seekers visiting Denver, Colorado.

IMG_20180427_123009990The new building of the museum is spacious and well-curated, there is only 20% of all his collection on display. Hugh Grant is the heir and the director, in the past he was one of Vance’s art students who became his close friend eventually. Hugh keeps buying things to preserve the property for future generations and make it bigger and better. 

IMG_20180427_121135977_LLFine art by other artists is there as well as Kirkland’s works decorating the walls. You can peek into his studio and imagine him flying over the canvas creating those big pieces. Dot painting is something he invented while experimenting with all kind of styles. The bright color scheme and vibrant mood of his work makes you want to live and let live.

IMG_20180427_143448_986The downside of the place is that you can’t really seat on the dozens of chairs and sofas in Vance’s house and they all look so inviting. Also children under 13 are not allowed in the museum. Kirkland never had kids, you know, maybe this is why we have it open for public use today.

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How to cope

Yesterday at one of my art classes somebody asked me how to cope with depression. I looked at them going How did you know? Back in the days of college, oh my… I was so excited they asked me, so happy to help and so glad I am not there any more.

Just in case you were wondering how to cope with depression

  1. Eat. Seriously eat something real, not just doughnuts and ice-cream.
  2. Go outside, get some vitamin D while the sun is still shining. No gadgets, please.
  3. Ask for help. Don’t just suffer in silence. It can be a friend or a stranger, up to you.
  4. Engage yourself in art of drawing, cooking, singing, dancing or knitting.
  5. Find a Meetup group for something you always wanted to do but never got a chance to actually try.
  6. Write a letter or card to somebody who deserves it, an old friend or relative.
  7. Go to public library or city park to people/dog watch. It can be real fun!

Happiness is inside us but we do need contact with others to be our better selves.

I wish you the best of luck in your daily battles!

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4 Months

4 months I was looking for something to do hoping to get paid one day. Nothing would come up. I actually got job offers but they were totally irrelevant. And the thing is I still believed I am an educated human being so I didn’t have to say yes to anything.

One day I was hanging out with other folks at the co-op and mentioned how useless my job search was. One of my co-artists was like, hey there is a pizza place hiring one block South from here. I decided to check it out but couldn’t find it. I came back and somebody took me there and introduced to the manager as an artist from the co-op. This is how I got my first job here.

Little did I know then about pizza making business. The year or so that I worked there most of my coworkers were hired and fired while I was still around. It does help to have someone who doesn’t smoke and works like crazy. They loved me there despite all the fights and heated arguments we had. I was really ready for something else though, something better I thought to myself.

My art thing was going great. I taught art classes at the co-op twice a month and sold my art once in a while. Don’t ask me how that worked out for a beginner artist in a foreign land. I have to make it clear, I had never made any art before the age of 30. No visual art, just music and dance.

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I am 33 year old white immigrant in the US. 2 weeks ago I quit my job and had to answer the question ‘why?’ too many times. Next time they ask me I will just have to send them a link.

Anyway, I’ve been here in the Promised Land for almost 2 years. It’s an amazing place to move after the war threats and political unrest of my country. God bless America! I have to say that Colorado is a very unique state and I can’t complain that I ended up here. It wasn’t my choice but I love it.

The first thing that struck me is how artsy the place is. I had never heard about Art Walks or anything like this before.  It was a brave new world right here… Brand new artist, looking around with eyes wide open.  Another thing is the people. I love the people here, so sweet and ready to help a stranger, anyone really. Well, in the art world anyway…

The first thing I did was join the art co-op. I couldn’t find a job despite my degree and 10 years teaching experience.  So frustrating… No one believes a foreigner can speak English.