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Love it

What do you do if inspiration doesn’t come when you need it most? Go to Google images looking for a nice pic or browse through the galleries of Santa Fe… all this sounds boring… really. You somehow have to feel it to be able to create. You know what I mean? Sometimes people show up to my classes looking for an unusual experience and motivation which is totally cool except that all these wonderful things are inside every one of us. The hardest thing though is to discover them.

If you can stop thinking of what others will think about you and just do what you feel is right, you will find happiness and inspiration. Even if your idea is the strangest thing you have ever considered, at least it might become a great learning experience for you. You never know unless you try. Love it, embrace it, live it…

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Job interview

Job interviews are fun, I am sure you know what I am talking about, in the course of six weeks I had about 12. Strangely enough some employers sound like You don’t want this job.  Why even bother making a face-to-face encounter to make sure I really don’t want it? I feel like we are blessed to have Skype these days which is a much easier way to break this message through. I am sorry I sound so bitter, I wish I could be less emotional about it all. The thing that I don’t get is that you have to brag about how awesome you are but when you actually do it, they fear you are overqualified and proactive in this life, so you probably don’t need this job anyway.

Staffing agencies are a waste of time in my experience, job fairs are for those who doesn’t know how to use Internet. I know it works for others, not for me unfortunately. Interview questions are funny.

Why do you want to work for this company? I am frustrated to hear this one again and again. I thought it is obvious, they need a person to fill the position, I need a job to make a living. Do I have to be sweet saying, I’ve been dreaming of joining your company for years? I tried that, looks like they wanted to hear something else. Well, live and learn I guess…